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Published: 25th March 2010
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Take a look at whether NIKE, ADI, Standard, or converse shoes has always been the focus of anti-counterfeiting, shoes marked the materials used, material above the special printing technology, as well as a lot of anti-counterfeiting measures have focused on the shoe marked! Is also the most difficult to counterfeit! Therefore, genuine and fake shoes shoes objective is to determine the most important way!

Identification of the - Sole chapter

As we all know, CONVERSE reason why the popular brands so far, its superior quality is crucial. Converse canvas shoes, a pair of genuine, very wearable, and the soles at the end of mold has a very good anti-slip effect of the third quarter of 2007, Converse ALL STAR SERIES sole right to conduct revision, joined the anti-skid tank, it has higher non-slip nature, see Figure:
This paragraph is the third quarter of 2007 Evergreen shall be limited to 08 and the overseas edition of the classic, like the century-old classic turn-of special, so there would be no anti-slip effect of the Rainbow
Shoe soles leave no groove, and slippery spots on the difference between genuine
Fake shoe soles with a nail or hard object will be left scratching the white marks on the soles genuine Converse how casually scratching marks will not appear (this is because the fake shoes, used in rubber and rubber can not be compared to authentic Converse)
Customers who did not notice a small dot in this is the most important anti-counterfeiting its sole front side 2 side, is also the imitation shoes can not do

Identification of true and false - shoebox chapter
Evergreen High imitation of these models, their shoebox to do enough to the real thing, but, after all, imitation, and the cost caused by some of the details can not be compared with the real box
Genuine Converse shoebox, printing beautiful, wearable, and will not fade, no fade genuine shoebox
How to tell:
With a nail or hard object in the shoe boxes on the scratching, scratch no matter how genuine shoebox will not fade, fake boxes slightly scraped on the fade

Identification of true and false - shoebox barcode articles

The so-called counter genuine, is a regular factory production, there is formal authorization, sold through formal channels, can be regarded as genuine counter. Counter sales of shoes, must have a bar code scanning, bar code it is particularly important, the following paragraph Evergreen genuine Converse shoebox on the side of bar code: followed by the fake shoes, shoe boxes side of the bar code (barcode fake shoes can not be scanned at the counter , and the false with the true middle of the shoe bar shoe bar very large difference between, please be sure to go counter to buy after the contrast)

Identification of true and false - Tag articles (details of the decision of true and false)
Appeared on the market in this high imitation of the CONVERSE of its high degree of imitation is almost breathless, his tag the extent of non-ordinary imitation shoes, imitation may well be comparable, but where we still have the details of the differences, see Figure
After the third quarter of 2007 (ie, after 173 item), CONVERSE trademarks have done some small modifications on the original individual stars outside the circle have added a canvas class is limited to 08.

Identification of true and false - smells articles (very important)
A jordan shoes, the main cost is rubber, followed by the canvas, are authentic Converse with native rubber and its unique rubber formula to make CONVERSE very wearable, and because the use of imported natural green glue, smell is very light , fake shoes, because of cost factors, it is impossible to use the native rubber, and because there is no unique formula CONVERSE, so pungent odor.
Distinguish methods: untie shoelaces, turn over tongue, smell that, if they are an acrid smell of rubber, must be fake shoes (which can be compared to counter the smell, very effective, because CONVERSE shoes and the smell is very light, with fake cheap jordan shoesare very, very clear difference.

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